What Is Primerica DebtWatchers?

What Is Primerica DebtWatchers?

Primerica DebtWatchers™ is an innovative new product, available through Primerica in partnership with Equifax, that allows you to use the information in your Equifax Credit Report™ to put together a simple-to-understand plan for paying off your debt.1,2,3,4 It’s exciting, dynamic and when you follow the plan that you create, it works. Imagine being able to see the date when your debts could be paid off – you can with Primerica DebtWatchers.

The Primerica DebtWatchers dynamic Fast Pay Plan is different from all of the other products in the marketplace:

The Primerica DebtWatchers Difference:

Primerica, representatives of Primerica, Equifax and Primerica DebtWatchers™ will not act as an intermediary between Primerica DebtWatchers customers and their creditors and do not imply, promise or guarantee that credit files or credit scores will or may be improved, repaired, boosted, enhanced, corrected or increased by use of the Primerica DebtWatchers product.  See below for additional Important Disclosures.

  1. Primerica DebtWatchers™ is a trademark of Primerica, Inc.
  2. References to Primerica refer to Primerica Client Services, Inc., an affiliate of Primerica, Inc.
  3. References to Equifax refer to Equifax Consumer Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc.
  4. Equifax Credit Report™ is a trademark of Equifax Inc.